Licensing and Marketing Strategic Partners, LLC has always had an interest in cultivating highly integrated licensing and marketing partnerships. Industries with good “tattoo synergy” — fashion, sports, music and entertainment – and specifically maintain ties to the tattooed and tattoo culture, have benefited greatly from licensing our designs or even forming complete marketing partnerships., LLC has welcomed cross-industry business relationships with companies such as The Learning Channel (TLC), Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), HarperCollins Publishers, Barnes & Noble and Wireless Developer. We’ve been happy to take part in comprehensive marketing campaigns for the "Miami Ink” reality TV series, pen The Tattoo Sourcebook — a comprehensive guide to Tattoo Friendly™ artwork and getting tattooed (released September 2008), as well as license our high-quality artwork for many other unique uses such as video games and mobile device downloads., LLC is selective about who we decide to work with. These strategic partnerships are grown through trust, over time and with each party looking for new and creative ways to support and promote each other. In this way, our company has been able to strengthen its brand, advance its industry authority, expand its influence in new markets and solidify customer relationships.